Binance Smart Chain:


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Launch date

May 1, 2022

Do you feel cheated? Desperate? Furious?😱 Put your money in the wrong crypto🤔 Have you fallen for a scam crypto project?😤 👉Then get to know us!👈 ☝️We are the ScamBack Team and we create a lottery for scammed people to give them the opportunity to get back their lost investment.💰💱 ✅For pure investors we have added rewards which independently increase the stock of tokens in the wallet. 🔥Now get your Scam back!🔥 ‼️Official Telegram Group‼️ – – ✅Presale on Pinksale at 1.4. 12:00 It is already listet and it’s already KYC‘ed ✅Private presale is online ➡️ ➡️ Private sale ⚠️ INFORMATION : use the DAPP browser of your wallet. Chrome and safari don’t have a DAP extension, so you can’t connect your wallet there. 🔂you can also send BNB to our Sale Contract address: 0x26A3a77e1A6D680dc427425cae69e785993BB6FD 🌐 Website: 🗨 T