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Launch Date

December 15, 2021

What is HyperSonic Hypersonic is a crypto currency that was first created in September 2021 set to disrupt the ecosystem of ever increasing lookalikes of major tokens being created. We set out to create a new and unique smart contract packed with features to protect all our long-term holders and community members. HyperSonic V1 wasn’t launched and listed due to inconsistencies in our contract filter which prompted a contract overhaul and redesign to create HyperSonic V2 audited by CERTIK Security. HyperSonic (V2) is most commonly described as a decentralized cross-chain digital payment solution for an ecosystem of products offering ease of DeFi adoption and token creation services. Hypersonic Finance is a part of the Supersonic Finance LTD Ecosystem of products, it’s primary and flagship features include: Auto Transactional Burn Auto Liquidity Supply Reward for Holding All features are explain in depth on our official website and they are our solutions to some of the inconsistenc

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