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September 10, 2021

DailyBNB tokenomic with 4 Triumph Pillars. These 4 triumph pillars strives to rewriting the rules of all BNB reward tokens you have experienced before. The 4 Triumph Pillars are: 01. Hand over YOU a striking 15.00% BNB automated reward, way beyond industry-average. 02. ANTI-Greed Whale Prevention Mechanism through hardcoded 4% Max Wallet. 03. Solid Chart-Protection Mechanism through 1% Daily Max Sell 04. Surefire Marketing executions one after another with ample marketing budget FairLaunching: 10th Sep, Friday, 2:40pm UTC Dev VC: 15 mins before FairLaunch. Tokenomic Buy Tax 14% ~ Redistribution to Marketing Wallet (to keep carrying out Marketing/Advertisement one after another so that your DailyBNB coin keeps rising) Sell Tax 29% ~ 15.00% BNB reward straight into your wallet AUTOMATICALLY ~ 13.75% Marketing Wallet ~ 0.25% Dev Wallet Total Token Supply: 1 Quadrillion