Liquifi v2 DAO token


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Market Cap


Launch Date

October 1, 2021

Liquifi - digital asset exchange, decentralized and user community-owned. The project is working since October 2020. Liquifi team successfully launched DEX and Farming protocol with high APY Liquifi v1.0 has 5860 holders, 300 liquidity providers and also an active community with 50K+ subscribers and market info here The new version Liquifi v2.0 will have the possibility to invest in single tokens and get the fees from any token pair. LQF v2.0 token will have every block farming rewards, auto LQF farming pool and yield pools, also new token will have a decentralized and controllable mint/burn schedule. Liquifi team created a special launch platform for start $LQFv1 to $LQFv2 conversion starting from July 30th to August 18th. Buy LQFv1 and stay part of the conversion right now!