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Launch date

March 7, 2022

All loyal subjects of the Black Floki will be rewarded by his majesty, with great rewards given back to the holders of his tokens Black Floki! (BFT/BNB) Presale on Dxsale (soon) Network: (B.S.C ) Contract: 0x47bb005e9fdf940966b315b9cb5dd6b23e1ceb1e 5% Buy Tax 1% Redistribution in $BFT 2% Sent to the marketing wallet to ensure the project is continuing the best marketing push possible. 1% floki Wallet (Winners weekly, holders will gain 1 ticket for every 0.25 BNB of $BFT they hold) Sale tax 5% 1% Redistribution in $BFT 2% Added back to the liquidity pool 1% Floki Wallet (Winners weekly, holders) 2%supply for top shillers