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November 20, 2021

🏆 ArcaneLeague 🏆 The first project based on the Worldwide Sensation and Number 1 original Netflix series - "League of Legends : Arcane". Do you want to make a huge profit from the new most popular series around the globe? If so, you're in the right place ! 👍 ⚔️ TOKENOMICS ⚔️ TO BUY/SELL : 4% MARKETING TO MAKE US KNOWN ALL AROUND THE WORLD 3% LIQUIDITY FOR A BETTER STABILITY 1% DEVELOPMENT TO DELIVER OUR FIRST NFT VIDEOGAME AND A LOT OF OTHER COOL THINGS ! So What’s Arcane League All About ? 🤔 First, you’ll gain access to our expansive NFT gallery ! Your NFT(s), will be usable in OUR PLAY-TO-EARN BATTLE CARDS GAME which is currently in development ! 🕹 Meanwhile, a large and effective marketing campaign will begin from the moment the token goes live! 📡 • Big marketing packages (Influencers, Youtubers, Financial Press articles), • Big medias • Big listings • Gaming Partnerships & More to come... We commit to working tirelessly to reach a Multi Billions mcap!