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March 14, 2022

AI Trader Token is a token on the cryptocurrency public ledger Blockchain technology. It is a utility defi protocol that uses the power of a specialized algorithm to identify good cryptocurrency projects that are solid and have good prospects, perform the risk assessment, analyze the opportunities and trade on behalf of the investors. AI trader token will be a reflectionary token and will distribute 3% of every transaction to its holders, thereby creating a win-win opportunity to the holders. The token seeks to establish an ongoing and sustainable fundraising initiative for marketing and promotions by allocating 3% of every transaction to the marketing wallet. 20% of every transaction will be added to the liquidity pool, that way the market can never run out of liquidity. The token’s sales will come through a fair launch such that everyone has an equal opportunity to buy. There will be a total supply of 1Billion AI Trader Token and 5% will burn at launch, 20% will be added to the liq.

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