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January 27, 2022

Eagle Pearl Token is a project that emerged to gamify the world of NFT and Metaverse. He always invests heavily to provide a strong infrastructure for the project and to design a fast ecosystem for investors. In the NFT world, it will be more fun to not only trade but also win various prizes by playing games! Eagle Pearl has come to create a magnificent universe in the world of Metaverse. EGPUniverse comes as a universe with very large and diverse climates. When you buy a virtual land, you can use EGP Tokens to develop it and exchange developer products, and you can also auction the areas you have developed. All this is just the beginning of the game. Eagle Pearl is excited to be in global markets. We have a surprise for you... Eagle Pearl Token is burning too many tokens. It offers a 4% burn for its investors and manual burns after each listing. It should be noted that currently 40% of tokens have been burned forever.

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