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Launch Date

September 28, 2021

Moonducks is the start of our amazing meta-verse that will unfold into the very first crypto social hangout game. Do you still get nostalgic remembering Habbo hotel? Us too! Moonducks will be more mature, and yes, with NFTs! Moonducks is the first collection consisting of 7,000 unique ducks and at the same time the most precious possession of the entire meta-verse. Those who own a Moonduck NFT are partial founders and are treated as such. Those believing in the value of our subliminal Moonducks will make decisions with us together as companions. Thereby owning the exclusive rights to the incredible art and future endeavors. Included: Royalty Program for the benefit of our early ducks (7%) Eth Dividend for our Moonducks holders (5%) Are you joining us? https://discord.com/invite/7X9MF6GkdZ Overview: Mintprice: 0.05 ETH Quantity: 7,000 unique Moonducks When: September 28th, 2021 20:00 UTC Where: https//moonducks.io Contract: TBA Traits: 7