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Decentralized Community Investment Protocol


Binance Smart Chain:


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June 25, 2021

DCIP (Decentralized Community Investment Platform) is the first investment as a service (IaaS) token on the BEP20 network. The investments on our platform are fully decided by the token holders and will be verified and saved within our smart contract. Not only is DCIP the first token to launch as an IaaS platform, but we are also the first platform to have a fully decentralized voting option in our smart contract. Unlike other tokens launching on the BEP20 network, we have a REAL use case, which is not limited to the BEP20 network. With the continuous evolvement of Blockchain products, new opportunities will pop up for our platform, our investments are not bound to any chain, only the re-distribution of the profit is bound to the BEP20 chain. Our goal is to take over traditional investments as we know them today, with no need for expensive hedge funds, investment bankers, or wealth managers. With DCIP we will bring the power back to the people!

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