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Launch date

September 29, 2021

The RHNC Coin is a new cryptocurrency that is a part of a much larger community, product, and movement. The Rhinoceros is a species that is rapidly declining in numbers year after year. The RhinoCoin cryptocurrency was created for the singular purpose of being used to support the protection of the wildlife and hopefully eventually help reduce and slow down the rate at which they are disappearing. RhinoCoin is a powerful, secure, and energy-efficient cryptocurrency supported by the Rhinoceros conservation movement. The coin has been designed to be supported by the active community of Rhinoceros lovers who help fund the rhino conservation efforts through their participation in the RhinoCoin ecosystem. RhinoCoin is the only coin that actually helps rhinoceros conservation, and it has a growth mechanism based on its own market value. This is a blockchain ecosystem that encourages and rewards holders, conservation activities, and protects endangered animals.