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November 11, 2021

What is $SBC Coin? Born on November 10, 2021, StreetBreedCoin ($SBC) is the next generation Crypto Currency of its kind. $SBC is on a mission to use blockchain technology to connect and make crypto very simple for the average person to understand. While at the same time helping save and protect our StreetBreed in need Globally. $SBC is a BEP-20 Token built on the Binance Smart Chain for maximum performance and the cheapest gas fees in the crypto market. Purpose of SBC? The purpose of developing the Street Breed Coin is to make a global community that is dedicated to saving our street breeds in need. By connecting Animal Shelters, volunteers, and donors globally in one place to share knowledge, education, funding, and rewards through Blockchain technology. We are making $SBC the currency in our Street Breed Eco-system. Where members will have easy access to sending and receiving funds globally. They will be able to create and auction NFT's and use $SBC as the pairing coin. We will al

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