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Launch Date

August 17, 2021

馃惛 BABYKERMIT was created to maximize moonshot potential for early buyers by launching stealth from the ground floor, with Devs who hold NO liquidity. We wanted to see where this can take us, building an organic community from the ground floor with transparency & honesty; something we don't see enough on BSC. The #1 benefit of holding BABYKERMT, are high dividends to holders; paid out in $SWAMP token. HOW DOES IT WORK? HODLERs of $BABYKERMIT receive automatic $SWAMP dividends as users buy & sell the token. Dividends are redistributed through automatically every time a transaction occurs. A shareholders dividend amount is calculated based on a weighted percentage of their holdings given the total holdings of the circulating supply. FEATURES: 馃殌 Low market cap 馃惛 Automated $SWAMP Rewards 馃敀 LP LOCKED, 4 YEARS 馃敟 Contract Owner burned 鈽戯笍 No marketing wallets 鈽戯笍 Anti-whale 馃惛 Total supply: 1T 馃惛 Initial LP: 1 BNB 馃惛 10% Dividend Buys 馃惛 12% Dividend Sells 馃惛 2% LP Tax 馃惛 Earn $SWAMP

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