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Launch Date

December 17, 2021

Solanacash is a decentralized cross chain payment system that aims to accelerate the adoption of the Solana network around the world by adding more transaction capacity to the network. Key Features: ✅ Powered and deployed on Solana ✅Low transaction cost ✅Built on the fastest blockchain technology ✅Excessive Reward System on our mobile app. Our core Ecosystem: 🔜SolCard (Visa card) 🔜Solanacash App (mobile app) 🔜Bridge (Token Bridge with multiple chains 🔜Staking 🔜Swap/Dex Tokenomics: Total supply: 50,000,000 Seed price : $0.07 Private sale: $0.085 IDO: $0.10 Launch Price: $0.12