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February 13, 2022

[“PLAY To EARN”] BattleCity.io brings blockchain technology to (1) build a sustainable ecosystem to support game-builders (include game studios or individual game developers) transform their games to become GameFi projects, and (2) provide an NFT Marketplace to support game-players to be able to play and earn via multiple games, participate and tra MU OF HEROES EARNING ARENA Relive the memories of classic MU games, awake yourself, and join the battle. Summon powerful heroes and assemble an unbeatable team of heroes to challenge and fight other players in order to become the ultimate gamer and strategist, and earn WOL & KEN. BATTLE ARENA Five winged champions need to defend themselves. Battle other champions, feel the happiness of climbing the ranks, earn WOL & KEN and special prizes on weekends, months, and quarters (align your skills for best results). Join now, tacticians EVENTS Experience epic events and receive "huge" rewards with Chaos Tower, Illusion Tower, Legendary War events.