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April 5, 2021

$Slenderman Token - Buy if you dare!!! (Buy in Pancakeswap V 1 old only) The First-ever Horror Defi project managed by the Community. We re-launched on 17 May 2021. This is stealth, fair launch token &100% SAFE. Slenderman will grow organically and being a stealth launch, there are best opportunities for 1000x and beyond. Ownership renounced, handed over to the community to run. Slenderman doesn't belong to anyone but he will be very disappointed if you don't join the fun And don't disappoint Slenderman... About Slenderman Tokenomics: $Slenderman Protocol applies 4% fees on all transactions (buys/sales/transfers). In which: • 2% is automatically rewarded to holders • 2% automatically goes to liquidity pool (BNB / Slenderman) 45% of tokens burnt into the darkness of Slenderman Slenderman Token has a unique TOKENOMICS that helps prevent whales. A mobile gaming app, Slenderman NFTs, Sub Tokens, Charity programs for the mentally disturbed, coming soon, it's a long way journey ahead.

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