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October 2, 2021

UrGaming is a project created to be an active participant in the gaming community, contributing to the development of e-sports and creating tools that allow players and content creators to be able to monetize their careers in a better way. The Urgaming project is built from a business point of view, that is, as a real business project that will generate products and services for the gaming community, while the profits from these will be reinvested within the same ecosystem to enhance our tokens and benefit our holders. Team is KYC Verified and our contract is audited by Solidproof. UrGaming is an Ecosystem composed of several tokens: URG, URG-U and a third private name token that will be announced in 2022. Each token in our ecosystem has a specific purpose. URG is the corporate token whose mission is to be the main form of payment and also control the marketing and development budget. URG-U is the token assigned for the development of our first utility called “Gaming University”.

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