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September 20, 2021

FPSCOIN is Cryptocurrency built uniquely different ✅ Anti-Pump & Dump ✅ Anti— price Impact ✅ Redistribution Tax up to 25% ✅Charity Hugging face ✅ No tax on buying 🔥🔥 🦾💪 Proud to be The FIRST and UNIQUE crypto Shooting GAME, $ FPSCOIN will guide the players gaining the top level of the place where royable game meets crypto.$FPSCOIN named by GAMERS for GAMERS, it's a blockchain available worldwide, built different with smart staking system. 🚀🚀Our project is targeting the gaming sector, we are looking to combine the two sectors with one coin : FPSCOIN. It’s built different, designed to reward True HOLDERS, and discourage dumping. 💎💎We have spent hours analyzing today’s tokens, making the most of each project to ensure a safe launch, a rocket road to the moon and specially to protect our soldiers. 💯🎯 We're here to bring the community together and show our unity. FPSCOIN is A Hyper deflanationary coin with Smart Staking system like no other, dedicated to FPS gamers and Fans.