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August 12, 2021

The $XTRA Token Our tokenomics have been designed to provide both stability and reward holds while sustaining the ecosystem development and growth. 3% RFI Static Reward from each transaction will distributed to holders. 1% Automatic burn from each transaction. 2% Automatic LP 2% from each transaction will distributed to charity wallet for our venture. 🙌JOIN OUR COMMUNITY🙌 Kindly follow/subscribe to these pages below and share with your friends! 🔹Website - https://taraplatform.com 🔸Instagram - https://instagram.com/taraplatform 🔹Youtube - https://youtu.be/qRryFt9wBXc 🔸Twitter - https://twitter.com/Taraplatform 🔹Reddit - https://bit.ly/xtrareddit 🔸Medium - https://bit.ly/xtramedium 🔹Whitepaper - https://bit.ly/xtrawhitepaper -- Telegram Group -- - Global : https://t.me/taraplatform - Indonesian : https://t.me/taraplatformid - Iran : https://t.me/taraplatformpersian Let's Growth Together & Become Our XTRAordinary Buddies!! #GoTheXTRAMile🚀 #GoTheXTRAMile🚀 #GoTheXTRAM