Tungsten Shiba


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Launch Date

December 4, 2021

Tungsten Shiba's token TSHIB has a 5% fee on buys, and a 10% fee on sells. For buys, 4% is burned, and 1% goes to the team. For sells, 4% is burned, 3% goes to the team, and 3% goes to the charity wallet. These tokenomics will sustain the project, enable hefty donations, and benefit holders. WOLFRAM BOOSTER To establish Tungsten Shiba, we've implemented a new bootstrapping feature to determine the total supply, and kickstart the project. On the day of launch, there will be a 24 hour window to buy $TSHIB. Each TSHIB will be a fixed price, with the price decreasing by 10% for every 2x to the total amount purchased. Everyone receives their TSHIB at the final price at the end of the minting, so there's no advantage to doing it earlier or later. Think of it as an amiable mechanism to give the supply decision power into the hands of buyers. As the timer approaches the 24 hour mark, the sale goes into Frenzy Mode. ‍