Baby Bender


Binance Smart Chain:


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Launch date

September 13, 2021

Baby Bender Aims to be the ‘Must Have’ Passive Income Token that will consists of a whole Futurama Ecosystem that supports Baby Bender. Baby Bender has seen what he likes in others tokens and decided to use them him self (totally his style). Anti-Bot – (Bender is the only Bot allowed up in here… Besides Mini-Flexo) Anti-Whale (Only Bender’s Marketing wallet is allowed over 2% of total Supply) Anti-Dump – Not even Bender could sell more than 1% of total Supply (Psstt, And He’s Not selling a damn thing…ever) Mini-Flexo is here to help sustain a liquidity pool like only done a few times before Baby Bender will not claim to be the first like most tokens do and will gladly claim theft of great ideas/functions.