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Launch Date

December 21, 2021

A decentralized privacy wallet application that aims to secure and improve technology by using the power of Cryptography and Blockchain. MIRA Team is creating a privacy wallet application that intends to achieve the new privacy wallet that will allow us to be confident browsing cryptocurrencies in the blockchain technology. What is MIRA? Nowadays people are now lured into some scams taking advantage of blockchain. The contract address is very visible to see in blockchain so it could easily know how much balance you have. MIRA is trying to protect its users by encrypting the contract address of the person. It is very easy to be in touch with the person that has a big size of bags in his wallet. Therefore scammers could easily track what the person was buying and easily trace him. To be assured that you won’t be tracked in blockchain technologies MIRA is here to give a peaceful place for everyone.