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October 3, 2021

building the biggest & cutest Dog themed NFT collectibles + game on BSC. Hikaru is inspired by all the dog projects out in the crypto market. We have seen an uncountable amount of projects with nothing to offer and we want to change it. We at Hikaru are developing the cutest NFT Collectibles anyone has yet to see in the NFT space. Every NFT design is made to the utmost detail by our designers. We are striving to be the top dog on BSC and eventually be one of the top dog projects in crypto. Not only are we doing NFT Collectibles, but we are also building a marketplace for it together with an NFT Game. There will be 200 Uniquely designed NFT's. Each with unique characteristics. There will be 5 NFT's available for each design. The full collection of the NFT Collectibles will be released on the 10th of October. For more information about Project Hikaru, check out our website , Telegram & Twitter.