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September 2, 2020

Stobox is an award-winning advisory and tech company in the field of tokenized securities and digital assets that has been continuously developing since 2018. Regular Reports available in the company's Blog and Medium, Live Streams with the Team are conducted on a monthly basis. Currently the following products are released: DS Dashboard, DA Exchange (beta for a couple more weeks), Stobox Bridge (ETH/BSC). Liquidity pools on ETH and BSC are available to increase profits. Stobox also educates in the area of tokenization and regularly issues videos on its YouTube channel. Listed on (ETH and BSC chains), Probit, Uniswap. Pancake Swap and our very own Stobox Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have been informed that the Stobox Token was attacked on the night of 6 January 2022. The tokens on our deployer's wallet were compromised and sold out completely causing a huge decrease in price. Therefore it is strongly recommended not to buy, sell or send the STBU anywhere. The Team was alerted at night which was also a Christmas celebration for many of them and did their best to stop trading on CEXs, think of the next steps and plans to compensate the Community for this unfortunate situation. They came up with a plan and have been updating the Community on all social media platforms on all our next steps. You can see their feed at Twitter for your reference at: Currently the Team does its best to settle the situation and compensate the Community members as soon as possible. Once the new contract address is available we will updated it on our platform. Stay on the safe side! Please retain from trading until further notice! See updates on Stobox Twitter

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