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December 26, 2021

What is sitchu inu? Sitchu inu did not burn 50% of its total token supply to Vitalik's wallet in order to gain popularity while causing investors Millions of dollars in losses. Instead, 50% of the Total token supply was sent to a real burn wallet address. At the same time, Sitchu inu is giving it's holders some real reasons to hold their tokens. With 4% of the transactions fees in the form of reflections, holders can easily gain profits while the team is working on the token's popularity using an equal 4% of the transactions fees for aggressive marketing and further development in order to give holders more ways to earn. Oh.. and yes, 1% auto burn is set per transaction in order to decrease supply and increase value. Furthermore, 3% of the transaction fees, do go to liquidity so holders could at any time liquidate any part of their investment. Finally, with 1% maximum holdings per wallet, Sitchu inu, is built to give many early investors the opportunity to earn big not just a few..

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