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May 22, 2021

SafeHeaven is an unique token. It's purpose is to moon and save you from bear market in case it happens. How will it save me from bear market, you might ask... Well, liquidity is provided through BUSD(Stablecoin) meaning even if BNB or whole crypto goes down, your value won't go down. For example, you invest into another memecoin 1BNB($400) and price of that memecoin always stays the same or goes up just a little bit, after few days you decide to swap that memecoin back to your BNB because price is not moving or you feel skeptical about it but when you do that, your 1BNB is now worth $300 instead of $400 due to bearish cycle. With SafeHeaven that will NEVER happen because liquidity is provided with BUSD and not BNB. Our coin is the first one of this kind so it's not just some random shitcoin that will get pumped and dumped. We're here for LONG LONG LONG TERM.

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