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February 7, 2022

Come and join the Aeon Colony. Our space shuttle has orbited the earth since the year 2045. My face is warmed by the light. I can smell wildflowers and see trees all around me. It's just stunning. I'm not trapped in space right now. I have the impression that I am on the surface of the planet. I can't get enough of wondering what life was like down there! on the world we formerly referred to as "home" A story driven game - Our story line is based very loosely on a popular book/TV Series, making some of the storyline familiar and also surprising at the same time! A survival game - Play for hours with our unique survival elements, find new materials and craft new buildings to help you survive the post nuclear world. Immersive soundtrack - We have a few famous composers and a few indie composers lined up to produce unique soundtracks. Multiplayer - Metaverse support will be added soon after the game is released from early alpha.