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September 16, 2021

SEVENDOXXED Marketcap: $70k Highlights: 7 doxxed devs, low tax, unique concept After DoxX been looking out for more of these projects as I feel it gives real transparency and potentially negates the inevitable dump when doxxed dev has to leave the VC.So this just launched an hour ago and seems like it could really pick up after a few hours. So concept is 7 devs on the team all with different roles and there will supposedly always be atleast one doxxed live on video call. They are quite entertaining to listen to and knowledgeable in the space. Chat seems really hype. Also like that tax is really simple and low at 7%. Marketcap had gone up a fair bit since began write but now on a little dip so could be a decent entry. Not seen many of team before on projects which is a plus but heard from a source they are safu and being doxxed is obviously a big plus. CG also been applied for.

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