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November 25, 2021

🔵Clewe — complete NFT solution🔵 ✴️ The best of NFT with wide perspectives for "all at once" NFT Platform starts today! ✅ No more confuses with DEX-es, Oracles, Crypto-to-FIAT exchangers. Buy, trade, exchange, tokenize and even pay low commissions with CLEWE in the same place. ☑️ What's it all about? — Improved Authentication Protocol: Register and login safe, use your assets in isolated client's area. — Cross-Chain Interoperability and integrated exchange: Imagine you don't need exchange services anymore. It's possible now with Clewe (with extra low commissions of course); — Secure Decentralized Exchange and Trading: Additional confirmations for external transactions, Oracle trading support. No need to seek for charts — all at once in Clewe. — CLEWE token as multipurpose asset: CLEWE is utter enough to provide safe transactions on our NFT Platform instead of gas. TAXES: — Buy Tax = 5% — Sell Tax = 15% ✅ JOIN CLEWE TOKEN LAUNCH with 10x minimum profit prediction