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Launch date

March 30, 2022

Luchen Wong established goth punk December 1st 2022 goth punks is a Nft coming compromised of 100000 hand made 3D nft and 3D environment with a large array of utilities to back it. The punks are tied into there own fractions or legions releases are broken into seasons for each season and each of these legions there will be a certain of each released for example the more common the punk the more of them will be released you can fuse these eventually to create new never seen punks by fusing them up the chain to a rare or more please note rare and up will never be the same cards common and uncommon will all be the same the cost of minting will be 25 matic for punks we will also be dropping 5 of each GothKoin mints a gold and a silver coin mint for our first season mint the following season we will only drop 2 of each Gothkoin will also be incorporated in Goth Punks Arena P2E mobs game Coming next year.

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