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January 5, 2022

We're a new streaming platform that rewards both streamers and viewers. Three key features of our platform: 1) Streamers can earn money by streaming games on our platform and we will help them secure sponsorships along the way. 2) Viewers will receive airdrops and tokens for viewing the streams and also by being active in the chat, buying the most in buy competitions, recruting friends and so on 3) We will host 1 vip tournament every 10 days and many minor tournaments, both will offer rewards to the winners. Viewers will be able to discreetly watch anything, while being able to receive rewards only by watching their favourite streamers and short ads, which ensures that every viewer has their wallet connected. With that MO, creators will know their actual REAL viewer numbers, which will help Ad companies easier targeting - in that cycle, the streamer and ad companies will have increased profits. Tokenomics ✅ 12% BUY/SELL TAX ✅ 3% Ecosystem development ✅ 2% LP ✅ 7% MARKETING

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