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May 17, 2021

Our goal for the SafeAnimals charity token is to help animals in need. Last year I went on an excursion to Africa with a few colleagues of mine, we intended to take care of and help the animals there, When we saw that there were quite a few shortages of resources and that people were hunting them for money, we could do ourselves not much to do. That's why we wanted to come up with a plan, a plan that people would like to do with a sense of it and what also helps animals next to it, that's why we came up with the first Animals charity token that generates people and money and helps Animals in Need. Our mission for our project is to help people earn money by investing and helping animals in need with it. We are currently in contact with donor organizations that are helping animals that are currently in need. That is why we have built a strong and professional team that will ensure that our plans come true and that animals in need are helped. #SAFEANIMALS

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