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October 31, 2021

"$FINU is about much more than just killing another zero. $FINU is a deflationary token that buys new project launch tokens and distributes them back to holders who stake their tokens in the $FINU DAPP to claim tokens from other new project launches, with $FINU you can own a piece of them all! On top of the ALPF (Auto Liquidity Pool Farming) that rewards holders based on trading volume, the $FINU staking platform gives holders a place to speculate on other tokens with their assets. The DEFI app (YOUR BOT) will be able to connect with any web3 wallet to allow investors to stake $FINU tokens, allowing them to collect tokens from new projects as they launch! $FINU’s DEFI smart contract will be able to scan the blockchain new token launches and auto buy them immediately after launch, distributing them back to $FINU stakers! Let $FINU find and buy gem tokens automatically for you! Just stake your tokens in our up and coming DAPP to claim the tokens that #FirstInu buys for you!

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