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October 30, 2021

A world full of exploration. ​ ​ Get ready to explore the whole world of Triton in December as you travel through multiple locations where you meet new friends that will help you along the way with over 100+ quests, daily challenges, boss fights and much, much more! Releasing a new world full with new stages for Triton every 2 months, so you can keep playing and get as high up on our leaderboards as possible. You can customize your Triton in any colour you'd like and buy new weapons at the local market to get through stages quicker.(Yes, the stages will get harder the more you finish) We are currently also in development of a PvP BattleMode & Speedrun Mode, where you can fight against other holders and put your tokens at stake, or get the fastest time on one of our stages. (more info about this soon..)