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Launch date

October 17, 2021

YoRocket is a unique self-rewarding token that rewards investors with passive income and highly exclusive prizes. An amalgamation of an unseen highly developed smart contract, strategic marketing campaigns and lastly, the vision of benefitting all of YoRocket investors. šŸš€ YoRocket Features: šŸ’° YoStake - Stake $YO, sit back and reap the reflections šŸ“ˆ YoRocketSystem - Every time a new higher low is reached, sell taxes are increased to 40% to prevent dumps. Meaning the chart will be at a constant increase. āŒšļø YoTime - Buy taxes will be reduced to 0% whenever we reach lower lows and higher lows to encourage buys for 1 hour per day. šŸ’° YoBuyback - A price boost mechanism to buy the floor via multiple transactions, subsequently, the bought back tokens will be burnt. šŸŽ YoRaffle - A self-integrated raffle system built into the smart contract that automatically picks out winners. Every time a new market cap milestone is reached, a new set of prizes will be distributed to holders.