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Launch Date

November 14, 2021

Welcome everybody to Golden INU Token ! Golden INU will be the only utility meme token on Binance Smart Chain. As we all see, there are a lot of tokens with taxes. By buying these tokens, you lose some percentage of your money instantly. People might say you will earn a lot by holding tokens and getting rewards but it will only make early buyers to profit. Who wants to lose 20% of their money in the beginning, and see token price going down 20% more ? It means you’re losing 40% of your money. And also this feature doesn’t work on any CEX’s. That’s why we don’t have a tax system. Best approach to earn more crypto by holding is staking. That’s why we will implement staking contracts in the future and create staking pools. The goal of Golden is to create an ecosystem that contain best utilities of the crypto. Our future plans include staking, NFT boxes that will allow you to mint NFT’s, decentralized exchange, and a popular metaverse that will be home for all kind of doge tokens.

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