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November 20, 2021

Bewhale is an ecosystem of centralized and decentralized applications. In the decentralized applications section, we developed the Swap platform that will allow users to have a multi-chain wallet, do any kind of exchange between the tokens, including Bewhale. Part of the return generated by the Swap platform will be returned to users who use the platform, in the form of bewhale. The Swap platform, in addition to allowing tokens to be exchanged on the same network, performs the function of crosschain, which allows changing networks in a simple and efficient way. Among the decentralized applications we find the staking platform, developed based on several pools and with an extra return based on dividends. Within the staking platform, yield farming will also be enabled. Throughout 2022, new pools and new governance protocols will be developed that will make it possible to transform the application of staking into a DAO In order to grow the ecosystem and the token value, the team will

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