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November 21, 2021

Obsidium is the ecosystem serverless cross-chain layer-2 solution that fuel the crypto space with DeFi, AAM & NFTs at infinity scalability, high throughput, sub-seconds confirmation time and fees at a tenth of a cent wich was initiated to bring the concept of “Zero Initial Supply”. Obsidium Token was initiated as a governance token for the concept of “Zero Initial Supply” into the Obsidium Ecosystem, the $OBS supply was generated by providing $90.000 into the project and fuel the Liquidity with. We decided that the Total Supply of the Obsidium Token of only 14,5 millions and this tokens would be used to generate the real utility tokens into the ecosystem by staking $OBS. Simplifying - Real assets registry it’s still manipulated and not 100% transparent. Obsidium is proposing to build an 4D scanning app to empower anyone to register the real assets/good into the blockchain technology. AI recognition of real lands, property’s, cars and many more kind of good’s.