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Launch date

February 25, 2022

Ventura, is a token that have project in DeFi ecosystem wallet staling and also combine with gaming platform that sets a new trend in the ever-growing world of metaverse. We have developed the wallet, ventura swap and the ventura gaming since 2020, and now we are ready to launch it. What is Ventura? Ventura is an DeFi Ecosystem Wallet Staking Combine With Gaming Platform. Where you can buy the token and use it for staking or farming, marketplace NFT and also to play game P2E from our list of game in our platform, the additional usecase in the future is we will launch our own blockchain to support our huge entire ecosystem. Why Choose Ventura? As you can know, we managed to combine DeFi ecosystem with gaming platform, this is a huge ecosystem as you see it. We managed to build our own blockchain, our gaming platform will be the biggest with many games on it and the token you will need to play is just ventura so the token usecase will be highly demand and will make our token valueable.