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Launch Date

November 27, 2021

Shiba Estate $SHE Billionaires Token Get Shibarized and Own an Estate Now. 90% Of the Total 1 Billion Tokens/Assets Given Out To Holders 900x Future Token $SHE $SHE is giving every participant a dream to own an Estate/Skyscraper/Buildings/Homes. This is possible by buying and holding very tight your $SHE Token. Estate Shiba is giving out 90% of the total 1 Billion Token/Assets Supply to the Public, Get in early and become an estate owner in less than 6months because $SHE Token will be doing more than 900x within a short period of 6 months, we have Great Marketing Teams from The Shiba Inu Teams onboard. 4% Of Each Transactions Added to Liquidity 4% Of Each Transactions Rewarded to Holders 2% Of Each Transactions Redistributed to Marketing