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May 18, 2021

100% COMMUNITY DRIVEN TOKEN BASED ON JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE! ANTI-WHALE TOKENOMICS: -5T MAX PER TRANSACTION -5% REDISTRIBUTION TO HOLDERS -5% REDISTRIBUTION TO LIQUIDITY 🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽 ✨✨JOJO - STARDUST CRUSADERS✨✨ JOIN THE CRUSADERS ON THE TRIP TO THE MOON TO DEFEAT DIO. This coin will ORA ORA ORA BEAT THE SHIT out of any dip. It's a prime memecoin with JOJO energy, the only energy that can actually get you to the moon. Using the power of Star Platinum pumping this coin there's no way we can't make it. With the Part 6 anime coming soon, and much hype around the Part 8 manga, this coin can pump to multiple X's being around 10k mcap. By directing this coin toward the japanese and American lovers of Jojo, both being huge markets for this type of product, it can soon find its way among other big memecoin giants. It'll be a journey, just like the manga and anime, with ups and downs, so hold on for the ride. 🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽🛸👽

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