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Launch Date

July 7, 2021

BANKROLL💰 TOKEN - $BANKR CHANCES TO WIN THE JACKPOT! - We have a Vault that fills with BNB that will be distributed to lucky holders!! Escrow Platform - Are you sick of purchasing or trading your Crypto only to find out you’ve been ripped off? - Are you fed up with “vendors” just blocking and deleting you after you transfer them Coins? - Over sending payment and receiving SFA? WE ARE TOO! That's why BankRoll has created trading lockers so you can complete those deals with each other safely! Automatic BNB farmer. - Hodl $BANKR and automatically receive BNB in your wallet 24 times in a single day! - Holders rewarded with $BANKR 🏦 Earn your $BNB 💰 ♦️Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ♦️Auto BNB AirDrop: 8% /60 min ♦️Back to the liquidity: 4% ♦️Marketing fees: 2% ♦️THE VAULT 1% 🟢Buy slippage: 16% 🔴Sell slippage: 19% 💢Special features 🔻Anti-Whale system: Max sell 1,000,000 tokens 🔻Anti-Dump: Extra 3% fees applied to all sell 🔻Auto BNB distribution every 60 minutes!

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