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November 21, 2021

👁‍🗨Have you ever heard about the Freemasons? ☑️ Masonix NFT ecosystem allows everyone to become a part of this community and earn the way Freemasons but in CRYPTO. Everything you need — buy and stake $MASONX token. 👁 What is a $MASONX? $MASONX is an unmintable token with stable growing price that represents the Masonix ecosystem consisting of staking and Masonix NFT marketplace rewarding. It consists 3 so called levels of participation with growing benefits depends on % of holding and staking $MASONXtoken. EXTREMELY SIMPLE AND LOW COMMISIONS provide fast and efficient trades and allow to grow fast and stable. ☑️ Fixed 5% taxes. Buy and Sell both. — 3% marketing outlay — 1% goes to Pancakeswap liquidity pool — 1% distributed to Master Masons Every holder and staker gain % of Masonix NFT Ecosystem cash flow. $MASONX LAUNCH NOVEMBER 21 at 18:00 UTC. Are you interested? ℹ️ Join our community in Telegram and Twitter or check our website.