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Launch date

August 24, 2021

🦮DogeCasino, a Secure Way to Gamble🦮 First casino that allows you to deposit any BSC coin! Website up and running! https://dogecasino777.com GET WHITELISTED FOR THE PUBLIC PRESALE: https://sweepwidget.com/view/30737-veocqdb7 💸 10BNB + 15NFT giveaway to those participating in the presale!💸 Do you have a bag full of Tokens and nothing to do with them but hold? Are you wanting a way to kick back and relax between trades? We have built a new type of Casino based solely around Crypto and our very own Token DogeCasino the first Casino at this magnitude on the BSC Network. Compared to our FIAT counterparts, DogeCasino offers low fees to those feeling lucky and provides a safe, anonymous and secure way to facilitate transactions. Private presale ongoing Public presale 24th August The DogeCasino - https://.dogecasino777.com Telegram - https://t.me/CDoge_Casino Discord - https://discord.gg/T6cKfzDB Twitter - https://twitter.com/CDogeCasino?s=09