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Launch date

October 31, 2021

Ethernomics will be the first Rebase token built on the $BSC Network that rewards its holders with $ETH. Our Project aims to be an all-in-one governance and utility platform in BSC. We plan on building a whole Ethernomics Ecosystem including: • EtherCharts - A charting platform that displays live price data along with other features such as trading analytics tools, a trading pair explorer & price notifications. • EtherVote - A place for communities to vote for their favourite projects and discover new ones. • EtherScreen - A tool to assist investors check if a project has the potential to rug pull. • EtherStake - Stake your ETHN tokens in the staking pools to get rewarded with BNB • EtherSwap - A DEX (Decentralised Exchange) in which you can swap any BSC token to their dedicated token pairs. • NFT Marketplace - Trade limited Ethernomics NFTs with users across the platform.