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July 15, 2021

Bringing Cryptocurrency to the Automotive Business. Blue Ribbon is cryptocurrency based off of the Binance Smart Chain Network. It will be used on their website as well as their dapp to purchase, sell and trade-in vehicles globally. Convenience is key at Blue Ribbon. They currently have 12 dealerships open across the United States and are expanding by starting our own vending machines - in which all will accept crypto as of 1/1/22. They are the first dealership to create our own currency in which customers can purchase vehicles across the world at much lower rates than most dealerships. Blue Ribbon dAPP will allow customers to take out loans with Blue Ribbon tokens in which they can purchase a vehicle, own the title and have it shipped to their home within 3-5 business days. With the introduction of cyrptocurrency being implemented in the automobile market, other dealers will adopt our marketing techniques. Blue ribbon is paving the way.

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