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August 24, 2021

The effect of global warming and climate change is increasingly visible in the environment and general state of the earth. We see it through excessive droughts, landslides, melting ice caps, increased danger of wildfires, rising sea levels affecting delicate ecosystems of wildlife, but also see it causing hazards to human health. Success Token is dedicated to combat the effects of global warming and climate change, one transaction at a time. Having a closer look at the impact of global warming and climate change we made a division of 4 categories which Success Token will be supporting through our charity wallet: 1. Reforestation 2. Clean Water Access 3. Ocean Cleanup 4. Humanitarian Aid Simplicity and fairness are at the cornerstone of our project, and we explain our ideas step by step in our litepaper. Vision Per transaction we will have 9% BNB coin reflections & 2% Success tokens reflections to all our holders. We will use the BNB reflections for the usecases, this way we can prevent

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