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Launch Date

January 16, 2022

What is Metablackout? Experience a metaverse unlike any other! Explore the wastelands of MetaBlackout to find and attain valuable assets such as land, weapons, apparel and customize your character to your liking. In this open world with a mix of sci-fi and old style metaverse you can Do whoever you want to do, have whatever you want to have, become whoever you want to be. ✅WHITEPAPER RELEASE ✅AUDITED ✅ANTIHACK ✅20000$ prize pool for presale participants ✅LP locked ✅Dev Wallet Locked ✅Reflection to Holders ✅Anti Hack ✅Anti snipping bot . ✅BUY FROM PRESALE? ✅Copy website Link https://metablackout.io/ Open in trust wallet dapp or metamask browser connect your wallet and Buy from presale. Tokens will be credited into your wallet at the same time after buying.