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October 26, 2021

Anime season is still moving strong. We are combining the power of anime with the power of doge season. Let us get best of both worlds. Pakk is considered an excellent dog by Anime fans of Naruto. Pakk will be one of the missing links to many dog/anime combination. ⁃ PAKKUN is more than just another anime memecoin. Though our connections we’ve built in the industry, we aim to launch a series of dApps focused on fostering connections between all anime tokens. ⁃ PHASE ONE: We will build out summaries of all existing anime tokens (i.e. Saitama, Luffy, Gogeta, etc.), and centralize this information in the PAKKUN Wiki. ⁃ PHASE TWO: We will be launching a forum application with live feeds of pricing and other market data so investors can chat about specific tokens in real time. ⁃ PHASE THREE: We will be building out a fully functional hot wallet / dex, specifically focusing on anime coins to start (offering the most up to date information on all anime tokens.

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