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Launch date

December 15, 2021

ANACK NFT Gaming coming to BSC🃏 | 🔥Low buy and sell tax (4.1%) 🔥 | Private sale happening now| 🔥 Anyone joining right now is still early for this moon potential project 🔥 BSC Token 💎 Collect and use your NFT ANACK card packs to create a deck and duel other investors to earn tokens or win rare cards 💎 What's our goal Our team has seen all of these old school shows and games being transferred over to the blockchain but we realised no one gas touched ANACK yet, seeing this, we decided to be the first team to bring you investors the best card collectable game onto BSC, we want to release a duelling game where you can face other opponents who are also investors in a 1v1, you can win more tokens, BNB or even rare cards!